Key Workers & Covid-19 Heroes

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Week One

Through auctions and donations for these figures we raised over £6,000 for

Carers in Herts


Citizens Advice East Herts

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Week Two

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Week Three

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Week Four

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Week Six

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Week Eight

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Week Ten

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Week Twelve

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Week Five

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Week Seven

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Week Nine

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Week Eleven

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Week Thirteen

The Secret Society of Hertford Crafters members were busy making different key workers who  supported the nation during the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to find a way to celebrate the work they do and to thank them in some small way. Every day we posted a photo of a different key worker/hero on social media, together with a little story about them. 

In addition to creating a little spark of joy during this difficult time, we were pleased to be raising funds for two Hertfordshire charities: Citizens Advice Bureau – East Herts and Carers in Hertfordshire: Both these charities were trying to continue their valuable community work by asking their volunteers to work from home. They required urgent funds to give their volunteers the necessary technology and support, to enable them to continue their work.


Citizens Advice Bureau provides advice on a huge range of legal, financial and emotional issues resulting from Covid-19, and where necessary directs people to other organisations that can help them such as the food banks.


Carers in Herts established a "keep in touch" telephone scheme starting with the most vulnerable in the community with the aim of extending this as widely as possible.