SSOHC created 42 festive baubles; 28 in Hertford, 12 in Ware, 1 in Watton at Stone, 1 in Van Hage Garden Centre.

As usual, we are trying to bring a little joy, engender community spirit and fundraise for local charities – this year it is Herts & Essex (Ware) Samaritans (registered charity number 1173717).

Hertford 18 Talbot St - Mouse writing letter to FC with lots of cheese (1).jpg
Hertford 21 Ware Road.Gallows Hill - Mice kissing under mistletoe (1).jpg
Hertford 23 Hornsmill Post Office - Mice Postmen & Postbox (1).jpg
Hertford 8 Coop Bengeo - Mice shopping (3).jpg
Hertford 17 - Mice at Hertford East Station (2).jpg
Hertford 28 Watton - Mice making Christmas pudding (4).jpg
Hertford 22 Hamels Drive - Mouse-coteque with John Travolta mouse (1)_edited.jpg
Hertford 16 Ware Road pizza shop - Mice making pizza (2).jpg