The Secret Society Of Hertford Crafters launched a
two-week wool amnesty to surrender undesirable
wool from homes

Wanted poster wool.jpg

“We wanted to reduce the risk of wool falling into the wrong hands” said a SSOHC spokesperson. "What we wanted was to remove any wool availability from those who intended to use it for reasons other than crafting.
"The aim of this amnesty was to remove a huge number of balls of wool from homes to stop them falling into the wrong hands."
Anyone who had any unwanted wool could take it to the Hertford Tourist Information Centre during the amnesty, which ran from Wednesday 23rd January until Wednesday 6th February 2019
And it was not just wool that was needed. People were also be able to hand in buttons and felt during this amnesty.
The Secret Society Of Hertford Crafters had no idea how many items of wool, buttons or felt may be donated as this was the first amnesty of its kind. 
A local spokesperson said: "I welcomed this amnesty to remove unwanted wool, buttons and felt from our communities, and urged anyone who had any of these items for which they have no good reason for keeping to take this opportunity to safely surrender it to the Secret Society Of Hertford Crafters.”