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Under the Sea


SSOHC's UNDER THE SEA yarnbomb has now been taken down


Thank you to everyone who bid on the auction - it raised a whooping £1,500 for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

All of our creatures have now gone to their new homes to be displayed in all sorts of exciting new ways

Some of the incredible displays in Parliament Square included:


  • A stunning coral reef round the edge of the War Memorial, was adorned with 2 Mermaids (Sam Phire & Calypso) and a Merman (Herman the Merman), an amazing variety of corals and hidden sea creatures

  • A pod of Dolphins leapt through the waves

  • A flock of flying fish

  • Endangered sea species to highlight the need for ocean conservation were intertwined around the cycle racks, including Manta ray, Hammerhead shark, Beluga whale, Blue whale, Galapagos penguin with baby, Whale shark with baby, Hectors dolphin, Sea turtle and Florida manatee

  • A Shipwreck, with wreckage strewn over 6 bollards and including the figurehead, wheel, sails, anchor, treasure and of course a skull and crossbones

  • The 2 stone benches in Parliament Square were adorned with a Giant Crab (Crispin Crab) and a Giant Octopus (Malcolm Octopus) creating fun photo opportunities

  • 5 cycle bollards were transformed into a herd of seahorses

  • 7 trees around Parliament Square were magically conjured into sea scenes, with masses of sea and seaweed garlands and each tree depicted different sea life some real, some imaginary: Sharks, Jellyfish, Turtles, Puffer fish, Cuttlefish, Moorish Idol fish, Clown fish, Basslets, Stripey fish, Surgeon fish, Butterfly fish and Rainbow fish

  • The 8th tree was a fresh water river in South America and is full of Piranhas!!

Remaining bollards around Parliament Square were transformed into under sea rocks, each one created with a different sea creature, including: Sea urchins, Shrimps,  Starfish, Crabs, Oysters, Rays, Sea Iguana, Angler fish, Eels, Squid, Mussels, Sea snakes, Walrus, Lobsters, Sea Slugs and Seals. 

If you would like to donate please use this link to our JustGiving page.


We would like to thank Search Press, publisher of Mini Knitted Ocean (Knit a Mini Ocean) by Sachiyo Ischii who gave permission for SSOHC to use copyright patterns for our Under The Sea Theme; for our main Yarnbomb and also for small items sold on our stall to raise funds for Air Ambulance.

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