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Christmas 2020

17 Hertford 5 Mr & Mrs Christmas.jpg

Father Christmas & Mrs Claus

Father Christmas & Mrs Claus have been safely living in a bubble, along with the Elves in Lapland, so that they could continue in their workshop busily making sure all the toys are made and ready in time for Christmas. Father Christmas is getting prepared for the most important night of the year, he has attached hand sanitiser to his sleigh and will be wearing his mask, to make sure he stays safe whilst he delivers presents to all the boys and girls around the world.


Whilst their human family are away on their annual Christmas holiday, the mice take the opportunity to come out to play and enjoy their Christmas. The little ones scamper around hanging their cheeses and named stockings, hiding amongst the tree decorations and generally having lots of fun. They love this time of year and get very very excited. Uncle Seth has been invited over as he is currently unemployed and on his own. He reads stories to the youngsters at bedtime, so they love to see him. Mum and Dad managed to get some cheese from the nearby experimental laboratory, but sadly they couldn't read the Caution Notice about growth hormones! They couldn't resist the smell of Emmental though since it's their favourite cheese and now they've started to put on weight alarmingly. Grandma and Grandpa are getting too old to easily run around the tree so Grandpa gets out his ladder and leaves Grandma to put up ornaments in the sections that she can reach.

16 Hertford 7 mice & cheese.jpg
15 Hertford 17 Carol Singers.jpg

Carol Singers

Meet the Motley Crew carol singers, led by Reverend Motley, together with his wife, Maude, and their teenage sons Michael and Max. They are accompanied by the members of the Singer family bubble, parents Sally and Simon, their daughter, Susie, and Spot their dog. Susie’s brother, Stanley, who lives alone, completes their bubble. He is a tree surgeon and was really helpful sourcing and erecting the Christmas tree the socially distanced families stand around, and his lovely baritone voice is a tuneful addition to the group. They are collecting funds for the local charities Citizens Advice East Herts and Carers in Herts, and hope people will contribute online, but Maude carries a collection bucket for those wanting to give cash. All the donations will be appreciated and put to good use helping the local community.


It’s not easy being a Gnome. Not working at IKEA all day and listening to ABBA all night. You don’t see us there, but we watch you through secret places, behind pictures, under beds, peeping from behind sofas. We follow you our own way, no need to follow arrows on the floor. Because of our watching and listening we heard an SOS about the plan for your trees. You’re secret like us, you Had a Dream, so just like Super Troupers we’ve come to help. Look! Kirsten has come to look after the children, but Agnetha has already escaped up the tree. Benny and Bjorn are trying g to take the heavy lantern up the tree. They may be some time! Fernado wanted to help, but he’s been left with the baby, Chiquitita, while her mother AnniFrid is visiting a local Yarnbomber meeting. We’ve been really happy helping you with your tree, to raise Money, Money, Money for your Christmas Charities Gud Jul Alla. Stay safe

Hertford 21 Gnomes.jpg
Z Spare Gingerbread.jpg

Gingerbread Village

The gingerbread village have been doing their best to help one another through the strange year that has been 2020. They set up a Whatsapp group in March to help one another with shopping, collecting prescriptions, posting letters etc. The older residents that were not able to join the group got regular phone calls and distanced visits to check on them. Those who had online groceries delivered got extra for anyone not able to get out. The children enjoyed not being at school for the first few weeks but soon got fed up with not being able to see their friends and were really happy when they were able to get together to play outside once again. They decorated their houses for VE Day and had tea in their own front gardens; thankfully the village is small enough that they could mostly see one another at a distance. They will be decorating their gingerbread houses as normal this Christmas with all their hand made decorations and hope they may be able to do some sort of socialising, even if it's outside and at a distance.

The Recycled Tree

Santa was worried to see a brown tree looking very dejected and leaning slightly; he said "Little Tree you're so drab and so brown What can we do so you'll feel less down?" The tree said "My friends are being so mean They don’t want me to join them because they're all green." Santa said "Don’t worry, we'll deck you with gold And all Santas and snowmen will dance round you when told Because you're very special- you're the recycled spare Its a bit of a waiting game, but we don’t care  Because if there's a problem with any of the trees We'll have you atop the post box before you  can sneeze!"

Z Spare Santas & Snowmen.jpg
Hertford 23 Nutcracker.jpg

The Nutcracker
Following their epic victory over the mouse king and his mouse army, Clara and her nutcracker soldier hero took a trip to see the sugar plum fairy. On presenting their Covid free certificates they entered the magical land. They had a wonderful time but on returning home the nutcracker had to quarantine himself from his friends. He decided that he would spend this time watching people’s joy at a display of the Christmas tree and presents the sugar plum fairy had given them.

A Christmas Carol
We have endeavoured in this ghostly little scene to remind ourselves of what we all hold dear and to spread a little cheer. Our tree shows the story of a sad grumpy man called Ebenezer Scrooge One Christmas Day many many years ago Ebenezer’s nephew wished him a very Merry Christmas. Ebenezer, rather rudely, replied “Bah Humbug!” As he was so very grumpy three ghosts came to visit him. One ghost came from his past and showed Ebenezer times when he had been generous and happy; one ghost showed him his current mean and cruel life and one ghost visited him from his future. This ghost foretold that when Ebenezer died no one would miss him because he had been so horrid to everyone who loved him. One by one the ghosts asked Ebenezer to be kind to himself and generous to others; particularly to those in need. They also reminded him that spending time with those we love and care for is a far more precious commodity than gold. (Something we have all become more aware of this year). Ebenezer was also a wise man and listened to the three ghosts and did as they asked which made him and all around him happy. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless us everyone!

Hertford 11 Christmas Carol.jpg
Hertford 2 penguins.jpg


*L*ockdown hasn’t stopped us penguins being busy

*E*nsuring Sele Farm has its own Christmas tree

*T*alk of us and all our friends will travel widely


*I*n the area of Hertford and Ware

*T*rees a plenty will surprise everyone


*S*ele farm is our home this Christmas

*N*ice to see you admiring our creations

*O*nce more we are pleased to play here for your viewing

*W*ishing you all a very Happy Christmas.

Winter Village

Winter Village on Christmas Eve It was almost midnight on Christmas Eve in Winter Village. Most of the residents were either tucked up in bed or attending Midnight Mass in the church. The choirboys were excitedly discussing what presents they may get the following day and everywhere was alive with expectation. Mrs. Jones was on her way to church to give the vicar his Christmas present.  Her faithful dog Rex was enjoying a midnight walk when suddenly he looked up and began to bark! Father Christmas knew he would be extra busy this week so he had decided to make an early start. The reindeer were still squabbling over who should pull the sleigh next to Rudolph. So, Father Christmas left them to it and squeezed down the first chimney. Unfortunately he had been eating lots of Christmas pudding recently and to his dismay he got stuck! He squeezed and pushed to no avail and was left with his legs sticking out of the chimney in a very undignified way! There was only one person who could fix this - it was Ginger the village handyman. But where was he? On no, Ginger had been in the pub all evening and was now slumped on the village cross, bottle in hand, singing Christmas carols. What was Father Christmas to do? Would Christmas be cancelled? Luckily, a group of angels had been flying around the church, attracted by the beautiful singing. One of them, an angel named Angelica saw Father Christmas’s legs sticking out of the chimney and being somewhat mischievous...... decided to lend a helping hand. She landed on the roof and then gave Father Christmas a mighty shove! Pop! And he landed in the fireplace below, covered in soot. Fortunately, he was able to dust himself off and organise the reindeer. Christmas was saved! The next day the people of Winter Village celebrated the best Christmas they had ever had and they never suspected a thing!

Hertford 24 Village.jpg
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