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Christmas 2020


What a strange year it's been for Alfie, Bertie and Charlie.  Usually at this time of year, they would have been busy rehearsing for concerts or pantomimes.  However, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, they have still been able to practise together, ready for next year. They hope music will continue to inspire you, comfort and support you.  As Jean Paul said "Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life.

Hertford 18 Moose.JPG
Hertford 27 Angels.jpg


Welcome to our tree where we are taking a bit of a rest. On many a night, when the need arises, we meet as a gathering of angels to bring strength and peace.  We are here to remind the world of the joy and comfort that can be gained by kindness to one another. We cannot always make wishes come true as our friends the fairies try to do but we do our best to help along the way. There is a long training to be a fully qualified angel and we are led by our guardian angels who have lots of experience in helping others.  Anyone can be an angel here on earth with the right frame of mind.  You don’t have to wear a special dress or have wings or a halo. In fact with so many drones about now it’s probably best to avoid the wings for safety sake and a shiny halo can confuse pilots.  There’s no need to be able to fly or to live in heaven  either. A lady, a man,  a boy, a girl all can be angels on earth in their own way. Our NHS staff and others have proved this in recent months with their devoted work in looking after everyone.   You too can be an earth angel by doing your best to help others with a smile on your face and kindness in your heart. Love from Angelique and the Angels


Mr & Mrs Emperor Penguin, Mateo & Valentina live on King George Island in the Antarctic Ocean with their children Isandro and Pire. It is a Christmas tradition to come together under the Christmas tree decorated with the customary fish and sing Christmas songs with their family and friends. Joining them are Savio, Valentina’s brother and Mrs Humboldt, Catalina with baby Nacio. Their favourite songs are We Wish You a Fishy Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Rockhopper and When Santa Got Stuck in the Igloo.

A very Happy Christmas from all at the South Pole.

Hertford 28 Watton at Stone Penguins.jpg
Hertford 22 Teddies.jpg


It’s Christmas Eve at Honeypot Cottage and everyone is busily getting ready for the festive celebrations.  It’s been a hectic time with the arrival of the new baby and Barry Bear has been under strict instructions to get the tree decorated before the big day. Mummy Mabel is a bit concerned about the size of the tree Barry had chosen after the zoom office party and hopes Uncle Brian won’t do himself a mischief with the star.  Luckily Auntie Doris is on hand to help ...  those twice weekly sessions at Nuffield have really paid off and she’s able to lift him up so he can pass the star safely up to Fairy Bear! Mabel is also a little worried about Malcolm whose she’s not seen since she asked him to blow up some party balloons.... But her worries soon fade away when she sees baby bear cuddled up with her big sister Maisie and how beautifully big brother Wilbur has decorated the fireplace ready for Santa’s visit.  She smiles when she sees their stockings hung up and tasty treats ready for Santa & Rudolph.  She just knows it’s going to be a wonderful day.

Merry Christmas!


Kofi, Jack, Esther and Ed are working their socks off to deliver some festive cheer to the people of Hertford, come rain or shine!  They know there’s lots of people who won’t be able to visit their friends and families like they usually would, so they’re ready for the busiest year ever. Kofi sent a big sparkly card to Father Christmas asking him to send some magical post-elves to help with all the extra letters and parcels.  Ed has arrived from the North Pole with a magic sleigh disguised as a post trolley.  Now he’s zooming from door to door, collecting parcels and delivering cards and gifts. Jack has been a postman for a long time, so he knows that all he needs is a wave and a smile from the people he sees out and about to keep the Christmas magic going and make all the hard work worthwhile.  He’s been showing new recruit Esther the ropes, and she’s about to take the first delivery of letters to Santa on the snowy trip up north. She couldn’t be more excited to meet Rudolph and the rest of the team. Tilly and Ted are posting their letter, they’re wishing for everyone to be happy and safe, and that all the special hugs and good wishes we put in our cards this year make it to our loved ones in time for Christmas.

Hertford 1 Posties.jpg
Hertford 20 Baubles side 2.jpg


In 2018 412 yarn covered polystyrene baubles were in Paul Smith’s Christmas window in Fenwick; these were donated by the Interiors & Shop Design team @paulsmithdesign and used on the yarnbombers’ Advent Christmas Tree in Hertford in 2019. They have now been made into 4 gorgeous trees for post boxes; what will their next incarnation be?

Gingerbread Train

After a whistle-stop visit to see Santa in snowy Lapland, the Biscuit Family - Daddy Jeffrey Jaffacake, Mummy Geri gingernut and children - Shirley Shortbread, Rocky Bar, Gary Baldie and baby Oreo, together with Auntie Marie and Geri's little nice (sic) Di Gestive, get back on the train armed with sacks of presents - Jammy Dodgers! Driver of the Gingerbread Express - Bertie Bourbon, entertains them on their long journey home by singing songs by his musical hero - Lionel Richtea. He was singing all night long! When the family finally arrived home in Lincoln, the children, who had been little (iced) gems all day, were absolutely cream crackered and went straight to bed!

Van Hage Ware 13 Gingerbread Train.jpg
Hertford 26 poinsettias.jpg


Poinsettias are beautiful Christmas flowers so Holly has taken her dog Ivy for a walk around Dilys Drive to see them in all their beautiful colours, she walks through the Holly leaves and ends up at her friends knitting Nicky’s for a warming cup of tea


Elf and safety.... on everyone's lips this year and we are here to help. Although on this tree we are not socially distanced (Elves are immune!) we are encouraging you all to obey the rules. We are keeping cheerful by helping others, and  smiling. I hope you all will do the same.

Hertford 6 Elves.JPG
Hertford 16 Turkeys.jpg


It’s Christmas, and that means it’s party time.  Us four turkeys are really getting into the Christmas spirit.  We’ve got our best party hats on, spruced up our tail feathers, and are looking forward to a feast of our favourite foods – spring rolls with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, slices of pizza (we just love olives!) and lots of freshly baked mince pies, all from our friendly local shops.  We’ve even got crackers to pull.  Do you know why they’re called crackers?  Because they got cracking jokes! Q:  Why did the turkey cross the road twice?     A:  To prove she wasn't a chicken! Q:  Why did the police arrest the turkey?     A:  They suspected her of fowl play Q:  Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?     A:  The outside! Merry Christmas Tina, URsula, KElly and Yvonne  gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble

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