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"Preparing for Christmas"


The Society installed a vibrant theme of


which shows how British animals, birds & reptiles get ready for the BIG DAY


Some of the incredible displays in the Moat Garden included:  

  • 6 Benches yarnbombed with:

    • 20 Bats making Christmas Wreaths

    • 13 Adders carol-singing with lanterns

    • 6 Badgers dressed as Kings’ College Choir singing Christmas Carols

    • 5 Mallard Ducks wrapping presents

    • 5 Red Foxes baking Christmas food, together with an oven

    • 4 Swans writing & posting Christmas cards into a Postbox   

  • 6 Moat Garden trees adorned in these themes:  

    • 20 Kingfishers with Snowflakes

    • 20 Robins with Paper Chains

    • 17 Woodpeckers with Stars 

    • 15 Collared Doves with Mistletoe

    • 13 Magpies with Bells, Stars & Rings

    • 7 Barn Owls with Fairy Lights 



  • 10 3-metre high Christmas trees covered in knitting, crochet and fabric, each depicting a different Christmas theme:

    • 19 Field Mice decorating a tree with Gingerbread figures

    • 15 Frogs decorating a tree with Crackers

    • 13 Moles decorating a tree with Victorian-style Lanterns & candles

    • 10 Hedgehogs decorating a tree with Christmas Stockings

    • 9 Stoats decorating a tree with giant Decorated Baubles

    • 8 Red Squirrels decorating a tree with mini Father Christmases

    • 8 River Otters decorating a tree with Candy Canes & Sweets

    • 6 Wild Rabbits decorating a tree with Snowmen

    • 5 Birds of Prey decorating a giant tree with Pompom Garlands on the Postern Gates

    • 5 Pheasants decorating a tree with Ribbons & Bows

  • Two deer with their friends the 12 Grey Squirrels were hanging Paper Chains on the railings into the Moat Garden, amongst 5 magical Christmas Trees  


  • 40 Snails decorated an enormous hedge with the words “Happy Christmas” and “Season’s Greetings”

If you would like to donate please use this link to our JustGiving page.

Yarn Bomber is fundraising for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (




Our grateful thanks to the following designers who allowed SSOHC to reproduce their copyrighted patterns for this project:

  • Magical Woodland Knits, Claire Garland
    Knitted Woodland Creatures, Susie Johns

  • River Otter, Sara Elizabeth Kellner

  • Knitted Birds, Nicky Fijalkowska

  • Crocheted Birds, Vanessa Mooncie

  • Hanneke Designs

  • The Twelve Knits of Christmas, Fiona Goble

  • SonsPopkes Batty

  • Sweet Oddity Art

  • Search Press 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet 

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