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Christmas 2020

Hertford 3 Nativity.jpg

The Knitivity

Maria, Joseph and baby Joe snuggled up together on the battered old sofa. Maria and Joseph had been evicted from their bedsit and after an exhausting few days of searching for a new home, a kind pub landlady, Gabriella, had offered them her upstairs function room for 3  weeks. “I can’t book any events due to Covid restrictions” she said sadly, “so you can use this room for a short while”. It was home and they were so happy. Baby Joe had arrived on Christmas Day – what a special present! Maria laughed, “I feel we are
re-enacting the nativity story! Our visits from three wise women were so generous; Martha donating bags of clothes from her friends for baby Joe, Ruth giving us baby equipment from the toddler group and Miriam from the local supermarket with a mini hamper of Christmas goodies. I feel blessed!”. A waft of music filled the air, a little out of tune, but recognisable as ‘Away in a Manger’. Joseph exclaimed “Oh Maria, it’s a group of children, dressed as shepherds and carrying toy sheep; how adorable!” They peered out of the window and waved excitedly The children waved back and one little girl threw her sheep for Joseph to catch. “Merry Christmas” she called. “Merry Christmas”, replied Maria and Joseph, God bless you everyone.”

23 Hertford 8 Reindeer.jpg

The Reindeer

Christmas 2020 is unlike any other for the reindeer and their sleigh. They have to be single file, socially distanced to pull the sleigh and Santa has had to fill the sleigh before the reindeer got there and then leave to sanitise his hands after attaching all the reins. Once he boards he cannot have any direct contact with them so there could be louder than normal shouts of “Go Blitzen, Dancer, Prancer etc. ” heard on 24th.  Rudolf is in the front in case they encounter any bad weather, better to be prepared, as he is best placed to deal with that eventuality. They hope otherwise to continue as any other Christmas Eve and get all the gifts to the children this year so that at least 2020 won’t be known as the year Santa cancelled, as so many other things have had to be.


Ronaldo has lived in Hertford since he was a tiny cactus. He sometimes finds the winters a bit cold but his favourite time of year is Christmas.  He likes to buy a huge tree and decorate it with bright colours to remind him of his Mexican heritage. As Christmas approaches Ronaldo likes nothing better than being with his family - Juan, Jose, Miguel, Adela and baby Steve. Ronaldo loves to play his guitar while the family sing carols and songs he remembers his grandfather - the legendary El Spiko - singing during Las Posadas. Ronaldo loves how his family enjoy both British and Mexican traditions and wishes you all a very happy and peaceful festive season!

Feliz Navidad!

Happy Christmas!

22 Hertford 25 Cacti.jpg
21 Hertford 15 traffic jam.jpg

Hertford Traffic

Mid December and the traffic has come to a standstill on London Road in Hertford: John is driving his Tesco lorry full of fresh veg to the Tesco store, he isn’t convinced they have enough sprouts for everyone’s Christmas dinners and is sure he’ll have to come back again in a couple of days with more. Red Watch is driving back to Hertford Fire Station after a call out – at a work’s Christmas do Roger put a bit too much brandy on the Christmas pud so when Mia set light to it the pudding, four napkins and a paper hat caught alight, thank fully no-one was hurt and the fire was put out quickly. Neil is driving his M & S lorry to the Hertford store – it is full of click and collect orders from the website, lots of lovely presents and Christmas outfits he thinks. Tracy is driving the Sainsbury’s lorry – she has made her last drop of the day at the Hertford store and will clock off when she is back at the warehouse. She is excited to get home as she has promised her daughter they will make Christmas cards together. Ava & Marco are driving back home from Hertford Market having bought the biggest Christmas tree they could find. It is their first Christmas together in their new house so they want it to be special. Leon is driving his lorry out of Hertford on a top secret mission; he works for Father Christmas seeking out unusual presents that children ask for in their letters to him and has just collected one from a shop in Hertford, can’t tell you what it is though we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Yarn Ski Resort

The Yarn Ski Resort is based in Croatia in the mountains. In winter  you will see Super Sally whizzing down the slope with her blonde locks flowing in the wind.  She is powered by après ski bombs and is super speedy.  She does, however, nearly run in to Jolly Jean who is walking the last part with her skis over her shoulder, Sally takes avoiding action and ends up with her legs sticking out of the snow !

20 Hertford 19 skiers.jpg
19 Hertford 9 Grinch.jpg

The Grinch

The Grinch and his loyal dog, Max, came to Hertford to continue living their solitary life under the hump back bridge at the bottom of Port Hill. Throughout the year, the two of them worked together to hatch a plan to steal Christmas and silence the festive season for all who live in Hertford. However, 2020 was not the year anyone expected and The Grinch and Max were amazed at how everyone in Hertford came together to help each other out and to give joy to everyone. This comradeship, support and love from everyone, young and old, caused the Grinch’s heart to grow three sizes. He then decided that he and Max would venture out from under the bridge at the bottom of Port Hill and join in with all the Christmas joy.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from The Grinch and Max the dog!


Christmas is coming the geese are getting fat we wanted to build a Xmas tree to grace the box of postman Pat!

The Yarnbombers didn’t have a meeting place so the park would have to do, we bought along parts for our snowman tree - we all worked hard it was true!

A family of bright Snowmen, fine skilful snowflakes fluffy white snowballs, a length of bright lights and finally a summary of beautifully embroidered words - ‘I’m dreaming of a White Christmas’ ......together they came to make our tree complete - we hope our tree gives the people of Hertford a wonderful Christmassy treat!

So forget the C....d issues and washing up the dishes have a wander round our town and soon you will turn that frown upside down - enjoy our trees the Yarnbombers all say and see our tree before the snow melts away!

Happy Christmas!

19 Hertford 4 snowmen.jpg
Hertford 12 polar bears.jpg

Polar Bears

One cold March morning in the North Pole, Daddy Polar Bear woke up to the news that Hertford was in lockdown. ‘Mummy Polar Bear!’ ‘Baby Polar Bears!' ‘Hertford needs us to save Christmas. Hertford is a long way away so we will need to leave right away!” They packed up their belongings, including enough fish for the journey and a large beautiful Christmas Tree that would bring joy to the faces of everyone that saw it. And so their journey began.

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